Dr. Erez Morag

Former Nike Game Changer Dr. Erez Morag is the CEO and Founder of Acceler8 Performance Ltd, focusing on high speed decision making. Dr. Morag speaks widely around the world, inspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, and students to use sport science principles to enhance their businesses. From 1998-2011, we worked at Nike’s headquarters in Oregon and contributed to four unprecedented start-ups within the company. Among his successes are Boot Camp and Nike Football+, which utilize websites and field events to create football communities in over 25 countries worldwide.

Most recently, Dr. Morag founded Athlete Performance Insight, a program that harnesses the skills of superstar athletes to develop high quality product innovation. In this role Erez worked with dozens of elite athletes including footballers Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rooney, and Mia Hamm; basketball all-stars Manu Ginobili and Rajon Rondo; NFL greats Larry Fitzgerald and Greg Jennings; Olympic gold medalists Liu Xiang, Allison Felix and Sanya Richards; tennis legends Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Dr. Morag earned his doctoral degree from Pennsylvania State University in Exercise and Sports Science. He holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Illinois and a Bachelor of Education degree as well as teaching and coaching certificates from Wingate Institute of Israel. He has received prestigious awards for his scientific work, teaching, and innovation. In addition, he was awarded 14 patents since 1998 and he has filed 8 additional patents.