Oren Elmaliah

has served as a member of our board of directors since May 2017. In September 2015, Oren Elmaliah founded Accounting Team IL and has acted as Account Manager since then. Accounting Team IL is a financial consultancy and service provider to public companies traded in Israel and abroad. Since February 2017, Mr. Elmaliah has served as controller of BioBlast Pharma, and since January 2017 he has served as Chief Financial Officer of Presstek Israel. In addition, since September 2015, Mr. Elmaliah has served as an Israel Authorities Reporting Officer of LG Electronics Israel and since September 2015 he has served as Local Financial Report Consultant of Chiasma. From July 2011 until August 2015, Mr. Elmaliah served as CPA, Financial Director of CFO Director Ltd and from June 2010 until July 2011 he served as Risk Management Consultant of RSM International Limited. Mr. Elmaliah holds a B.A in Accounting/Economics and a Msc. in Finance/Accounting from Tel Aviv University, Israel. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Israel. We believe that Mr. Elmaliah is qualified to serve as a member of our board of directors because of his vast finance experience and public company management and administration in the fields of finance, accounting, and financial regulation.