MySizeID For LSY

LSY, owner of Yudofsky luxury outerwear brands, to implement MySize’s MySizeID technology which will enable its customers to select the right size apparel, based on their personal measurements.

Once MySizeID is integrated into the company’s website, LSY customers will be able to utilize MySizeID to record their body measurements using smartphone sensors. Then, based on their personal size ID, they can shop for products online that will fit them best.


Under the terms of the agreement, LSY will pay MySize $100K to implement the technology on the Yudofsky website, and 7.5% of all revenue generated from the use of MYSizeID, once it is launched. For additional details, please go to the filing report on the MAYA website.

This agreement with LSY comes as MySize continues to integrate MySizeID with leading Spanish retailer Trucco.  Check our website for more news about MySize.

The MySize Team