December 16, 2020

The nightmare scenario? The box is carefully opened with barely contained excitement, they jump up and down as they rush to try it on and it’s two sizes too small. Unfortunately, it’s all too often the case that the perfect gift is tried on and the gift giver ends up explaining away about the store’s flexible return policy, while the recipient goes on about how it’s the thought that counts. Buying clothing is already confusing, e-commerce’s boom took it one step further, and then trying to shop for someone else makes it mission impossible. 

UPS predicts that it will process 1.9 million returns on 2 January, which it has dubbed National Returns Day. More than half – 55% – of Americans said they planned on returning unwanted holiday gifts within a month of receiving them, according to a survey published by the National Retail Federation. Making it even more alarming is the fact that the majority of returned items cannot be resold and end up in landfills. Waste from returns alone contributes 15 million metric tons of carbon dioxide a year, and a whole lot of razor-thin retailer margins.

The problem starts at the stores themselves. A size medium from one brand is a large from another, the different cuts in jeans translate into different sizes for one same person, and lingerie is challenging enough to pick out in-store to even attempt to buy online. Different brands use different sizing charts and have varying measurements and standards. So what can be done for customers to have a more pleasant experience and retailers to better understand their shoppers and reduce returns?

MySize’s approach is to digitize inventory sizing so every unique fit, or complex item is known. Retailers need only to add a white-labeled plug-and-play widget that syncs directly to their size charts and allows customers to measure themselves so that both their unique size and the retailer’s specific cuts and measurements are matched perfectly. For that, the solution leverages sophisticated, cutting-edge sensors found on every smartphone. With a few clicks and waves of the phone, the perfect fit for each particular individual is located and recommended.

MySize’s new family account feature takes that perfect fit power and multiples it.

The new MySize family account capability allows all members of a family, or even just a group of friends, to have one account where they can store their accurate measurements and their preferences and have it paired with perfectly fitting clothing. With the new family capability, gift-giving is no longer a nerve-racking guessing game for customers, while retailers no longer face costly returns nightmare scenarios full of multiple orders and huge volumes of returned items.

That’s a big deal because the status quo is alarming for virtually any retailer not named Amazon.

The choice for retailers couldn’t be clearer – on one side are the interests of their customers and their own bottom lines, and on the other is the prospect of gift sales followed by a mountain of costly returns.

Sizing tech is a proven method to decrease returns by up to 50%. MySizeID’s new feature now allows shoppers to harness that solution to buy their gifts with the same confidence that until now was reserved for individuals shoppers alone.

Check out MySize’s family account feature > HERE 

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