Check out the Internet Retailing Size and Fit whitepaper, featuring MySize and clients

Sizing up the apparel ecommerce industry

This whitepaper, in partnership with MySize, brings you an all-encompassing overview of the size and fit techniques used by leading brands; as well as an in-depth analysis of their effectiveness as a margin building component of selling. We discovered that 98% of retailers rely on traditional size charts, while only one in five ecommerce stores offer fit recommendation technology. In addition, our survey results found that retailers understand the importance of fit, but not necessarily how to tackle it.

So…how can retailers overcome the challenges of size? Why is there an urgent need for retailers to cut their cloth and minimise costs? How can consumers be given confidence in the right fit, first time? Which retailers are using fit recommendation technology?

Check out our latest whitepaper with Internet Retailing.

Inside the Whitepaper;

  • Reader survey: what business challenges are retailers facing?
  • How will size help overcome these challenges?
  • Top 40 clothing retailers and how they define fit online
  • Why invest in size technology: exclusive interviews with key retailers including Wallien and DeMoulin
  • Customer experience: the importance of receiving the right size first time
  • Discover the new business case for fit
  • And much more!

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MySizeID Fit Recommendation Tech

According to Rebound Returns data, 70% of returns come from wrong sizing. MySizeID tackles this issue head on with size and fit tech that boosts shopper confidence by recommending shoppers the correct size and fit for their body shape. Using AI technology, shoppers can quickly scan their body themselves with their own smartphone (without taking a photo) and discover their size immediately. The easy conversion-friendly technology can reduce return rates by around 50%.


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