The Ultimate
Guide To In-Store Digitalization

A must-read for all apparel brands with physical stores looking to embrace digitalization in-store!


Here are 10 tips on how to digitalize your offline store.

86% of Americans report regularly leaving a store empty-handed because of long lines, costing retailers billions each year. 

See how leading fashion apparel and retail brands such as Mango have benefited from downsizing to be more digital, and importantly how they have done it.

 This eBook with help you be one step ahead when coming out of lockdown by guiding you on how to digitalize your apparel store.

Inside the eBook;

  • An overview of best practice digital experiences in-store
  • How to downsize to be more digital
  • Tech solutions to link up in-store and online
  • How to improve the customer experience and speed up the decision making process/conversion through new technologies.
  • How brands like IKEA, Mango and Nike are crushing digitalization 



MySizeID Fit Recommendation Tech

According to Rebound Returns data, 70% of returns come from wrong sizing. MySizeID tackles this issue head on with size and fit tech that boosts shopper confidence by recommending shoppers the correct size and fit for their body shape. Using AI technology, shoppers can quickly scan their body themselves with their own smartphone (without taking a photo) and discover their size immediately. The in-store solution enables shoppers to scan the items barcode, to discover their size. The easy conversion-friendly technology can reduce return rates by around 50%.


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