It’s a known industry fact: 80% of returns are size related

We know online merchandise returns are a challenge for your store. We have a solution, MySizeID.

What makes MySizeID different than other solutions? Everything

We protect your shopper’s privacy. MySizeID uses a patented algorithm to measure your customer with their smartphone sensors, without using the camera! MySizeID provides your shoppers their precise body fit: 

  • User-friendly: We don't ask your shopper's their size. We tell them their size.
  • Reduce returns: When your shoppers know their size, your return rate goes down and so does your carbon footprint
  • Customizable & Easy-to-use: MySizeID is an easy plug-and-play widget that syncs directly to your size charts. With scalable solutions like SDK, MySizeID Widget or MySizeID white label, a custom-tailored solution for your store

How does it


Available in top shopping platforms

MySizeId is available in top 3rd party solutions like Shopify & Lightspeed, with more in the pipeline. Is your e-commerce store on a different platform? Contact us and we will provide a customized solution for your specific needs.

To add the MySizeID widget to your Shopify or Lightspeed account, click here: 

Personalize your sizing solution

MySizeID helps retailers every step of the way with a full 360° solution

  • Optimize your customer database, get to know your client and maintain inventory on relevant items accordingly
  • Give your customers an easy and simple tool to quickly generate their size ID and find their ideal size
  • When customers know their perfect size in your store, they'll look forward to every parcel, love every item they buy, increasing brand loyalty
  • When every items fits perfectly, customers buy more and return less


Reduce returns

Increase shopper's loyalty

Customizable & Easy-to-use


Easy website integration

  • MySizeID is among the only sizing solutions to offer SDK integration, making it easier than ever to improve your customers’ online shopping experience while increasing sales and reducing return costs
  • MySizeID creates a unique sizing ID for every shopper, based on their personal measurements, so they can be certain the item selected will actually fit them. Using the MySizeID widget in your shop, it’s easier for your shoppers to know their size each time they visit your store.


MySizeID tech with your brand name on it

  • Your white-labeled app provides you the control of the look and feel of the app
  • Decide on the app's unique name and logo
  • What will be the colors, font's etc.
  • The integration is simple and quick!

Implementing MySizeID in your online store
is easy:

Provide us with your sizing
charts for all relevant
clothing categories

Send us your logo and
branding assets for a
personalized app experience

Add our code to
your website


Managing your catalogue has never been easier

MyDash is a user-friendly, web-based dashboard where you can manage your sizing charts and MySizeID website widget.

  • Easily add new sizing charts
  • Customize your logo
  • Control your shop's visibility

Add much more…

Once you become a MySizeID owner, you will have access to MyDash fashion solution.

Start increasing your revenue today. Fill in your details below
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MySizeID offers shoppers the best online shopping experience by helping them find their right sizes, according to their personal measurements. MySizeID uses patented technology and unique algorithms to capture a person’s measurements using smartphone sensors, without the need for a camera.

Sizes don’t mean much when every brand has a different size chart, in short.  MySizeID tells you what fit you at different stores in different clothing lines, according to your unique ID. We let you have the bottom line so you can enjoy a free headache shopping experience.

We’ve got you covered. Each measurement has a tutorial video that shows you exactly how and where to place your smart phone, explaining the beeping sounds and what to do when you hear them. The videos are also accompanied by pictures, making things extremely simple, whichever tutorial you choose. If you still need further assistance, send us an email to: [email protected]