By using MySizeID, customers can confidently shop and know they are purchasing the right fit. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible shopping experience while reducing the hassle, time, and expense of merchandise return.

Cliff Lelonek


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fitting rooms in retail stores are currently shut down across France. By using MySizeID, customers can receive very precise size recommendations for articles of clothing they wish to virtually ‘try on.’  As a result, retail stores now have a contactless solution for customers that want to see how an article of clothing will look and fit on them.

Florence Moine

CEO and Founder

MySizeID not only improves operating costs, but it’s also environmentally friendly since it helps avoid unnecessary returns and shipping, which is also aligned with our mission of reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact.

Ruud Kuiijpers


As Turkey’s leading multi-category retail fashion underwear brand, MySizeID guides our customers, both in our stores and online, to purchase with confidence the best fitting apparel items, while also reducing returns. MySizeID has increased our online conversion rates and reduced returns by 50%.

Mert Karaibrahimoğlu


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