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MySizeID offers shoppers the best online shopping experience by helping them find their right sizes, according to their personal measurements. MySizeID uses patented technology and unique algorithms to capture a person’s measurements using smartphone sensors, without the need for a camera.

Sizes don’t mean much when every brand has a different size chart, in short.  MySizeID tells you what fit you at different stores in different clothing lines, according to your unique ID. We let you have the bottom line so you can enjoy a free headache shopping experience.

We’ve got you covered. Each measurement has a tutorial video that shows you exactly how and where to place your smart phone, explaining the beeping sounds and what to do when you hear them. The videos are also accompanied by pictures, making things extremely simple, whichever tutorial you choose. If you still need further assistance, send us an email to: [email protected]

Unfortunately, when shopping online you need to be online. This is also the case with MySizeID. You can use WiFi or a data plan, but you do have to be connected to the internet.

MySizeID correlates your personal measurements with retailers’ size charts and shows you the suggested size that fits you best in a specific retailer’s store (a Medium in one store may be smaller, or larger, than a Medium in another store…) Sometimes your personal preferences may lean towards a certain size, even though our calculations recommend a different size; we suggest you try our suggestion and let us know how it was.

Once you start creating you sizing ID, make sure your phone’s volume is turned up, so you’ll be able to hear the beeping sound. If you are in a loud environment or need your smartphone to be muted, this probably isn’t the best time to measure yourself Wait for another time, when you can enjoy the MySizeID experience to the fullest.

That was easy, wasn’t it?
Now all you have to do is click on the “Go Shopping” button to start shopping your favorite brands.

We have to be extremely accurate in order to give you your perfect size, which means you have to follow the measurement tutorials exactly as directed. If you received an error message, we suggest watching the video tutorial again or looking at the images. If you try again and still get an error message, let us know – we’re here for you and will be happy to assist.

We respect your privacy, which is also why we don’t require a camera or ask for pictures – we don’t need to see your body, we don’t need to store scantily clad images of you or images in tight clothing, and you don’t have to worry about where those images could end up. Your data is used to create a unique sizing ID for YOUR shopping needs. For our Privacy Policy please visit: http://privacy.mysz.io/mysizeid.html

Stop, we’re blushing. ? We’re happy to tell you that our R&D team is working non-stop on future developments. We recommend following our social profiles on Facebook and twitter and our website updates on mysizeid.com

Feel free to send us any idea you have, we love creativity and are always open to feedback: [email protected]

MySizeID requires specific device functionalities in order to accurately collect measurements. We take our accuracy very seriously, so we check every device before launching it.

*iOS – MySizeID runs on all iPhone devices that were released since 2014 – meaning iPhone 6 and up.

*Android – MySizeID runs on all Android devices that include Gyro and Accelerometer sensors.


BoxSize lets you get all the required information of a package in seconds. Both for the delivery company and the consumer.

BoxSize can deliver the following data
* User ID
* Scanning time
* Geotagging
* Package barcode
* Package dimensions
* Taken pictures
* Comments
And more!

Please contact us at [email protected] for that.

If you can’t find your answer here, send us your question to: [email protected]

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