How can MySizeID help me increase sales in the COVID-19 era?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many traditionally offline brands to launch or expand their eCommerce presence and rethink how to attract shoppers to their brick & mortar store.

Based on a survey conducted by MySize, we revealed that 49% of shoppers are uncomfortable to shop for apparel these days. Though consumers still crave a personalized shopping experience, they’re looking for contactless tech-driven solutions. MySizeID is the right solution for these needs.

When using the MySizeID in-store solution, shoppers will instantly know their right size, by using only the MySizeID app and scanning a barcode. Installing MySizeID in your online and brick & mortar store means giving your shoppers what they want: no lines for the fitting rooms and no crowded stores.

Integrating the MySizeID fashion solution saves your store new expenses, like private fitting rooms, special sanitization, and additional requirements for sanitizing previously-worn clothes.