I heard you’re more than just a sizing widget, can you tell me about the MySizeID fashion suite?

Sure, we’re glad you asked. The MySizeID fashion suite offers retailers a 360° solution that includes MyDash and the MySizeID widget, app, and SDK.

MyDash is MySizeID user-friendly, web-based dashboard, where you can manage your sizing charts and the MySizeID website widget. Once you join MySizeID, you will have access to MyDash.

The MySizeID widget creates a unique sizing ID for every shopper, based on their personal measurements, so they can be certain that the item they selected will actually fit them. When you use the MySizeID widget in your online store, it’s easier for your shoppers to know their actual and accurate size every time they visit your store, and when every item fits perfectly, your customers will buy more and return less.

The MySizeID 360° fashion solution helps you: optimize your customer database, get to know your shoppers, and restock inventory of relevant items accordingly.

MySizeID is a full solution that will give your shoppers an easy and simple tool to quickly generate their size ID and find their ideal size.