THE APPAREL RETAILER MARKET LOSS: How To Avoid Losing More Money As An Online Shopper.

June 4, 2019

If you look all over the internet, you will find quite a number of statistics on how many clothes are being produced every year and how much the apparel industry stands to make from these productions. What you won’t find, however, is how much money they lose when customers return the dresses they’ve bought because it either wasn’t what they had in mind or it came one size too small or too big as the case may be. According to CNBC, in the first half of 2016 alone, when close to $90 billion was made by the fashion industry for online holiday shopping, over 30% to 40% of the apparels that were bought were returned leaving apparel retailers and clothing makers with a loss of roughly $27 million, a number which has been climbing rather rapidly ever since then. With this high level of loss in 2016, you can only imagine how much apparel retailers are losing today when virtually all of them are giving the option of free return shipping.

Over 30% of the apparels that were bought were returned leaving apparel retailers with a loss of roughly $27 million

This loss isn’t limited to the retailers alone. People who buy clothes online end up losing their shipping money even if the online store decides to return their purchase amount. This is probably why purchasers have taken up the habit of buying the same clothes in three different sizes so that they can return the ones that are not in their sizes. In addressing this issue, Lee Bloor said via BBC News that clothing makers and retailers suffer an even bigger loss because of this practice as they have to toss returned clothes that no longer smelled new into the bin. Imagine paying for the return shipping of a clothing item you’ll eventually have to throw away – that’s like every retailer’s nightmare coming alive.

The Problem

The statistics haven’t been helping either with 36% percent of online apparel buyers estimated to return any clothes that they buy, whenever they buy it. Many online retailers might be looking at closing up shop due to this reason.

36% percent of online apparel buyers estimated to return any clothes that they buy, whenever they buy it.

The reason for this dilemma between buyers on the one hand and retailers and the clothes makers, on the other hand, is that there is no universal measurement for shoes and clothes for both men and women. What is small for one design might actually be big for another and even if any of the standard measurements are used, it is usually difficult for an online shopper to convert from say EU to US or US to the UK without breaking a sweat. This conversion is the beginning though when you think you’ve already gotten your perfect size, you start to wonder whether you actually wear the small size of your chosen size or the big size of it.

The thing is, getting your perfect size can be a very difficult thing to do, we know that. We also know that before you got to those tiny square boxes where you have to pick your size on an online store product page, you probably didn’t think it was necessary to know your size. We’ve all been there at one time or the other but what if I told you that there is a way you can solve your problems without resorting to ordering a dress in three different sizes or doing calculations for a long period of time online?

The Solution

A recent addition to the fashion industry and e-commerce space is the creation of applications that are geared towards the simplification of their fundamental problems. For industries that deal with a lot of data, big data applications have been a great deal of help while for the fashion industry and its sizing issues, fit technology apps have been recognized as the long sorted for the solution.

Fit technology apps have been recognized as the long sorted for the solution.

Although, there are numerous solution applications of this nature, very few of them have actually delivered exactly what was promised in terms of creating an easy avenue for shopping and one of these applications is MySizeID.

MySizeID is one of the brainchildren of an app development company straight out of Israel. This company has created a mobile application which is used for screening the user through the phone sensors and you can use the MySizeID app by downloading the app, following the measurement guides given through the app that you have downloaded, picking the potential store or shop that you’ll be shopping in and lastly, discovering which sizes fit you perfectly. After doing all these, a good shopping experience for you is just a very minor click away.

MySizeID is just the perfect app for you

Why You Should Use MySizeID

   There is only really one good reason why we would love you to use MySizeID and the reason is that it will enable you to find your perfect sizes faster and more effectively so that you won’t have to order apparels you don’t need and make the apparel industry lose more money than necessary.

              Another reason why you should use this app is that when you able to get your size at one go, you don’t get to worry about your size and whether or not you are on the plus-size or slim. This lack of worry can do a lot to boost your confidence level as a person.

              In conclusion, if you are the types who are very particular about your privacy, then MySizeID is just the perfect app for you. We do not use images to estimate your measurements, our novel algorithm ensures that you get the perfect dress without worrying if it fits.

Aubrey Daniels is a writer from Toronto, Canada. She has been a writer for several of years. She studied at The University of Guelph, where she got her master’s degree in Creative writing. When she is not busy working, Aubrey keeps herself up to date with the fresh modern female fashion trends.

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