An Idea was Born

Around 70% of online apparel returns are related to sizing. Inconsistencies across brands and confusing size charts make it difficult for shoppers to know which size to buy. In 2014, we created MySize to help shoppers find the right fit more easily. The technology reduces costs for retailers by providing them a tool that will help shoppers find the size that fits their unique body shape, on any size chart. Also, further advancements support frictionless shopping instore, removing the need to use the fitting room. The goal? Happy confident shoppers, reduced returns and increased conversion rates.


Sizing is not just a problem for shoppers and fashion ecommerce. Many industries are spending valuable time and resources measuring things manually. Over the course of four years, MySize developed and released several measurement apps: MySizeID, BoxSize and SizeUP. All measurement solutions are based on the company’s patented algorithms and SDK.

50% reduction in returns

Growing as a Company

Things took off the year we launched, with an initial investment round of $1.35M in July 2014. We launched with our first clients Trucco in 2017. Through the second half of 2015, the company completed another investment round of $6.62M, and in June 2016 we went public on NASDAQ. In August 2017, MySize took first place at the Go eCommerce “Most Promising Startup” competition. Later that year, the company completed another investment round of $2.5M, followed by an additional round of $6M in February 2018. In January 2020, the company raised $2M in a registered direct offering, followed by an additional 5M$ in May 2020. Today, we work with major markets around the world.


We are always looking for ways to make a difference, to improve efficiencies, reduce waste and make the world a better place to be in. Our technology helps to reduce over-ordering and by reducing returns, we help to reduce transport costs and excessive wasteful packaging. In addition to this, advancements in our instore solution has made frictionless shopping during Covid 19 times easier, removing the need to try clothes on. We are always looking for ways to improve our technology to help our planet as best we can.

A patented algorithm to measure your shoppers. MySizeID provides your shoppers their precise body fit. 

Provides real-time logistic data on packages volumes and transportation. 

Measure flat surfaces simply by moving your smartphone across an object.

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