MySize Launches Two New Features for MySizeID Widget; Decreases Customer Returns 31% in Boyish Jeans Case Study

December 9, 2019 |


My Size launched two new features for the MySizeID widget. Users can now receive their size recommendation without having to download the application by simply entering their gender, height, weight, and age. This information is then analyzed by MySize’s propriety, a machine learning database in order to calculate one’s most accurate size. The second feature of the widget is guest mode, which allows guest users to enter their data and receive a size recommendation without having to create their own individual profile. The widget can then follow the user across the site and predict their size with different products.

These new features were tested with Boyish Jeans, a sustainable women’s denim line focused on quality, fit, and authentic washes. According to the Boyish Jeans case study, over a two-month period, user engagement increased dramatically, with more than 75% of the size recommendations coming from guest users. Boyish Jeans reported that during the same period customer returns decreased approximately 31% after implementing the MySizeID widget onto their website. Deployment of the widget also resulted in customers downloading the MySizeID app.

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