Shopping in the Covid-19 era. Contactless Shopping with MySizeID App for InStore Retail Purchases

June 30, 2020 |


MySize has developed a contactless shopping feature for MySizeID application.

By using the MySizeID app on their smartphone in-store, customers can find their right size in an article of clothing by scanning a QR code or a barcode. Customers can also make a purchase through the MySizeID app completely free of contact.

The MySizeID app is a turnkey solution that helps any merchant’s customers choose the appropriate apparel size for that specific brand, based on the shopper’s real measurements. MySize’s innovative technology enables consumers to measure themselves using their smartphone and then be matched with a brand-specific apparel item in their size.

Ronen Luzon, Chief Executive Officer of My Size, commented, “These are unprecedented times, and the coronavirus is making touch-free shopping a necessity. We believe there will be a long-lasting shift in consumers’ shopping behavior once the quarantine restrictions are lifted and consumers are allowed to shop in stores again. One of those shopping behaviors will be contactless transactions, as consumers will try to restrict what they touch in stores. As more and more retailers open their stores back up, they will need new technology solutions in order to coax shoppers back to into their stores. We believe that integrating the MySizeID app into the retailer’s platform will solve many of the difficulties that consumers and retailers face. By downloading the MySizeID app on their smartphones, consumers can safely measure themselves, find their right size, and even make a purchase through the app, offering a truly streamlined contactless experience. This provides another layer of safety not only for the consumer but for the store associates. We look forward to launching this feature in-store with our retail customers.”

Try out MySizeID contactless shopping feature for your apparel store  here

Ronen Luzon: "These are unprecedented times, and the coronavirus is making touch-free shopping a necessity"