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We’re happy you asked. The latest SizeUp release includes Google Vision, the newest machine learning by Google – this means we can easily detect a broader set of objects, from chairs, walls, to thousands of other object categories.

second, we improved our algorithm and now SizeUp is much more accurate.

We also simplified the registration process, so it’s even easier to join the SizeUp family.

Visual recognition is a great feature. It detects individual objects and lets you to save them in your visual gallery.

SizeUp uses the Google Vision API to help you easily save your measurements as an image. Now you’ll never forget the size of that chair or the height of that colored table.

SizeUp uses visual recognition technology that’s powered by Google, so we’re not really in charge here.

Click Here to learn more about Google Vision.  

We’re sorry to hear that. If you’re not measuring with SizeUp anymore, you can just delete it – if you didn’t purchase it on the App Store/Google Play store yet, you won’t be charged. (If you’re still within your trial period, the app will just stop working after 30 days.)

Refunds are issued through your phone’s App Store/Google Play store. If you’re an iPhone user, go to reportaproblem.apple.com

to issue a refund request; if you’re an Android user, follow the instructions in this Google Play help page

SizeUp supports straight-line measurement over any surface!
You can measure both vertically and horizontally. You can measure objects while holding your phone in either landscape or portrait position.

Unfortunately, no. SizeUp utilizes a sophisticated algorithm depending on the Internet, to provide fast calculations your smartphone must have either a WiFi internet connection or a data plan (contact your cellular provider).

It’s really simple! Just Follow these instructions (WE ALSO HAVE A QUICK TUTORIAL VIDEO IN THE APP, WE RECOMMEND TO WATCH IT)

1. hold your smartphone
2. Place the Smartphone on the surface you want to measure. The smartphone must be fully stopped at the beginning and the end of the measurement
3. Click on “start measuring”
4. Move your phone quickly and smoothly without stopping to the end of the surface you want to measure

*** Your smartphone is part of the measurement ***

Save your results and start shopping, creating or do whatever you wish with the results.

Add a picture of the surface you measured or click on visual recognition feature powered by Google


You can always access all of your saved measurements via the main menu under “My Measurements”.

Sure! Click “My Measurements”, Click Share and… that’s it! Now you can share it with anyone.

We got you: Inside the “Result” or “My Measurements” screens, click on the upper left menu button then toggle the sound on or off as you like.

We won’t bother you with the algorithm stuff: Simply repeat the measurement by moving your smartphone slightly quicker than before.

Try again. It should work this time 🙂

Repeat the measurement and make sure to move your smartphone in a smooth straight line, without any “stops” in the middle.

If you receive this message more than two times, please check your internet connection.


SizeUp’s algorithm is designed for accuracy within ±2 centimeters.

For Android devices, we suggest to “calibrate” your smartphone.


If you can’t find your answer here, send us your question to: [email protected]

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