I thought MySizeID was just an app for shoppers, how can MySizeID for Retailers increase my revenue?

It’s a known industry fact: 80% of returns are size related. We know that getting the right fit & size is a challenge and merchandise returns are a great loss that leaves you battling for your shoppers’ loyalty.  MySizeID is your solution for these returns.

MySizeID uses a patented algorithm that allows your shoppers to measure themselves with their smartphones, using sensors and not the camera.

With only four quick and basic measurements, your shoppers will know their full-body sizes and MySizeID will help them pick and purchase their perfect fit, every time. When your shoppers know their size, you’re increasing their confidence, gaining their loyalty, and of course: increasing conversions.

MySizeID helps retailers every step of the way with a full 360° solution:

The MySizeID omnichannel solution offers in-store express contactless shopping, ideal for the COVID-19 era; the MySizeID app is used for a seamless online shopping experience, with no hesitations; and the MyDash dashboard lets you easily add sizing charts, check your shoppers’ sizes, and restock accordingly.

MySizeID can measure anything. Take a look at our measurement guide and see the measurement options we offer our retailers.

Need a better fit for your business? No problem! Let us know what you need at: [email protected]