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‘Penti’ Success story with MySizeID

July 27, 2020 /

Based on Penti's data base

“MySizeID helps our customers, both in our stores and online, to buy the right product with confidence and also to reduce returns.”

Mert Karaibrahimoğlu, CEO, Penti Giyim


Penti is a young, trendy, innovative and a global apparel brand located in Istanbul with 600 retail stores in over 35 countries. In Europe the return rate in brick and mortar stores is estimated to be 8%~, but for items purchased online, this rate jumps to 25-40%.

Penti initiated a pilot of the MySizeID platform in early 2020, localizing the interface into Turkish, for their lingerie and swimsuit apparel to help consumers easily find the right fit for themselves. The MySizeID solution utilizes three proprietary applications to provide apparel size recommendations to shoppers: MyDash, MySizeID App, and Widget.

First, Penti’s size charts for each apparel item were uploaded into MyDash, where the information is combined with a proprietary database of aggregated measurement data for body sizes. The MySizeID App was made available to Penti users to record their body measurements, with their smartphone, and create a personalized size profile. The Widget was also integrated into the relevant lingerie and sleepwear product pages to make personalized size recommendations based on the apparel input into MyDash and their personalized size and fit from the app or our online sizing wizard.

The Success

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