Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Our Clothing Habits

September 17, 2020 |

Store Insider

Store Insider looks at the different approaches to size and fit using MI. 

Measuring ourselves and understanding size charts are becoming a thing of a past with MI advancements. According to Store Insider, “Size problems account for 70% of all complaints about online accessory and clothing orders.” There are different approaches, one being the MySize ID product that uses the online widget to replace the size chart combined with an app on the shoppers’ smartphone to easily measure their body size without using a measuring tape.  


Other approaches include 3D body scanners being used at home to make a full 3D scale avatar of your body to try clothes on your body shape. Another is having your own personal styling assistant on your phone. It’s amazing the advancements that are available to make shopping a more seamless, interactive and fun shopping experience.  


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